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What are crop circles and what do they suggest? Who-or what-is liable for the hundreds of thousands of advanced styles present in cereal vegetation worldwide? Are they made by way of extraterrestrial beings or executive satellites? Are they screams from a loss of life planet? Are we at risk, and are crop circles a few form of caution sign? Colin Andrews, writer of the 1st ebook in regards to the crop circle phenomenon, brings the realm brand new together with his a long time of study into this interesting topic. he's taking you on a mysterious and informative experience into the realm of the crop circle phenomenon, offering an summary and surroundings the checklist immediately in regards to the nature of crop circles, their starting place, and their which means. He and Stephen J. Spignesi, discover the numerous theories of crop circle formation, describe Colin's first adventure with crop circles and the way this led him into his life's paintings.

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P65 35 nature will be brought to the forefront, and acted upon with passion. 9 Intelligent Design? Let us permit nature to have her way; she understands her business better than we do. —Michel de Montaigne I believe that there is an intelligence behind the creation of crop circles. It is apparent to me that intelligent design is visible in the authentic formations; the “hand of an author,” if you will. The placement of these designs seem purposeful to me: it is clear that they were intended to be seen, and that their beauty and fascinating geometric patterns were intended to intrigue us, and to stimulate us.

What I have learned is that there are different crop designs found in different countries around the world, and I suspect that they all may be part of a huge message to all peoples, being parceled out to us in individual sections. The notion of one overall communication may have some validity. No matter how varied the actual formations found in countries other than England (where the majority are still found), we may ultimately learn that the totality of the information is the same everywhere. In less-developed countries, we find that the designs are less complex than in the more industrialized regions of the world.

The fields and landscapes of that part of central southern England are absolutely glorious, and we all found a leisurely drive to be quite a respite from the bustle of the previous week. One particular Sunday afternoon, for some inexplicable reason, I chose not to go with my family for our weekly drive. I remained home while my parents and my younger brother headed out in dad’s motorcar. Off they went, and from what I was told, the drive started out as quite normal and very pleasant. Then something extraordinary happened and, to this day, I regret that I was not with my family at the time.

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