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By Don Ledger

As a alien ship Investigator, this actual ebook used to be an eye-opener either for its benefits as a suspenseful documentary in addition to a file packed with genuine details. The authors have showcased in a persuasive and complete manner the lesser-known case of this Nova Scotia sighting. For alien ship debunkers, it really is tricky to refute facts in the middle of a number of highly-reputable witnesses in addition to fishermen who're used to seeing gadgets (ships, boats, rafts, etc.) within the water. one other executive cover-up!

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Oh, yeah, there was no problem seeing that," said Norm. Chris followed up a point about the foam. " "Well, Brad's boat would have been thirty-eight feet long, wouldn't it, Dave? When we sailed through it, it was about two boat lengths wide, so it would have been about eighty feet wide. " I asked. "Scared, because I didn't know what the hell it was. We didn't have a clue what it might have been, although we all thought it might have been a big plane that had come down. " "Right, you thought maybe you were going to see bodies drifting around out there," I offered.

He also kept referring to the dive off Shelburne Harbor. None of this went along with the facts Chris had learned about the Shag Harbor UFO. It was Bob who first ventured an opinion. "We're not talking about the same thing here, are we? This is another incident. " At this point Harry realized that Chris and Bob had made the connection. Chris got the impression that Harry was divided - he wanted to reveal information that he knew should be kept secret. He now became reluctant to talk more about it.

This will give you a starting point. It might give you the names of some other witnesses as well, and if they're rural people, they might be easy to track down. They don't tend to move around a lot, especially fishermen. " "Yes - don't hold your breath, though. " Another pause. " Chris gave Friedman the address, thanked him, and hung up. He was elated. Though he didn't know it then, he had just taken the first step on a long journey of discovery. He had begun the hunt for the truth about one of the most fascinating cases in ufology.

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