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By Allie Phillips attorney; animal Advocate; Master-Teacher Energy Healer for Animals; author of How Shelter Pets are Brokered for Experimentation: Understanding Pound Seizure and Defending the Defenseless: A Guide to Protecting and Advocating for Pets

Do you like cats, canines and different pets? do you need to do extra to aid defend and recommend for those pets, yet have no idea the place to begin? protecting the Defenseless is for an individual who desires to sign up for a turning out to be campaign to convey animal defense to its rightful position in a civilized society, to guard animals from damage inflicted by means of people, and make allowance them to reside fortunately in an atmosphere that appreciates their precise traits. despite profession or way of life, an individual can turn into an suggest for pets in a becoming stream to protect the defenseless. This booklet courses readers throughout the number of methods they could aid spouse animals and provides sensible easy methods to become involved, from donating cash to volunteering at animal shelters, from opposing animal experimentation to elevating teenagers to guard animals. protecting the Defenseless is ideal for an individual who loves animals and is looking for counsel on the best way to become involved.

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So just do what you can to protect animals in your daily living. You can advocate in other lifestyle choices, particularly when you shop and spend money. 16 The World Society for the Protection of Animals has an Eat Humane website, where you can search for restaurants providing humanely raised food. When purchasing cosmetics and household cleaning supplies, check out the Leaping Bunny17 and Caring Consumer18 websites to locate products and companies that do not perform animal testing. Check labels to ensure you are purchasing fur-free items.

It is easy to learn about a variety of animal advocacy topics simply through the Internet. National animal welfare organizations have an abundance of educational and advocacy information on their websites for people to download, print, and distribute. Advocates featured in this book will also offer advice on how to get involved. indb 10 6/1/11 10:52 AM BECOMING AN ANIMAL ADVOCATE: WHERE TO START 11 learn what is being done and what needs to be done for animals. C. It includes a Lobby Day on Capitol Hill.

When dealing with an issue that is before local, state, or federal politicians, it can be very powerful to have voters express their opinion. For example, if you are waging a campaign to end gas chambers at your local shelter, you could garner community support through a petition or method for citizens to contact their local politician. Or you could have a state legislative bill filed to ban gas chambers in your state. This is a much larger campaign; however, engaging your community of voters can result in measurable change.

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