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Regardless of the likely shut connections among arithmetic and different medical and engineering fields, sensible reasons intelligible to people who usually are not essentially mathematicians are much more tricky to discover. The Dictionary of utilized arithmetic for Engineers and Scientists fills that void. It includes authoritative but available definitions of mathematical phrases frequently encountered in different disciplines.There might be larger dictionaries, extra accomplished dictionaries, and dictionaries that provide extra exact definitions, theorems, and proofs. yet there is not any different dictionary in particular designed and written for scientists and engineers whose knowing and talent to resolve real-world difficulties paintings can rely on the appliance of arithmetic. Concise, understandable, and handy, the Dictionary of utilized arithmetic for Engineers and Scientists is a pragmatic lexicon that is helping scholars and pros alike use mathematical terminology competently and completely comprehend the mathematical literature encountered of their fields.

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Stiefel-Whitney classes w1 , . . , wk are defined for a real vector bundle of dimension k (or equivalently for a GL(k, R) principal bundle). They are Z2 characteristic classes wi ∈ H i (M; Z2 ). characteristic cone The principal symα bol Pm (x, ξ ) = of a (lin|α|=m cα (x)ξ ear partial) differential operator P (x, D) = α |α|≤m cα (x)D is homogeneous of degree m in ξ . The set CPm (x) = {ξ ∈ Rn | Pm (x, ξ ) = 0} is called the characteristic cone of P at x. characteristic equation For an n×n matrix A the equation det(A − λI ) = 0.

Such that d[(j h σ )∗ E] = 0 See Lagrangian system. constant of motion A function f : M → R on a manifold M is called a constant of motion of a vector field X on M if f ◦ Ft = f , where Ft is the flow of X. If XH is a Hamiltonian vector field, then f is a constant of motion of XH if the Poisson bracket {f, H } = 0. See conservation law. constitutional unit An atom or group of atoms (with pendant atoms or groups, if any) comprising a part of the essential structure of a macromolecule, an oligomer molecule, a block, or a chain.

Notice that it satisfies the Jacobi identities [[A, B], C] + [[B, C], A] + [[C, A], B] = 0. The commutator of two vector fields X = X µ ∂µ , Y = Y µ ∂µ is defined by [X, Y ] = (Xµ ∂µ Y ν − Y µ ∂µ X ν )∂ν . More generally any binary operation defining a Lie algebra, namely, the Lie-product obeying Jacobi identities. See also Lie algebra. compact (1) A topological space (X, τ (X)) is compact if from any open covering of X one can always extract a finite subcovering. ” Thence closed intervals are compact in R; closed balls are compact subsets of Rm (as well as in any metric space).

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