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Lufthârtungsstahl Drucklufthebezeug "HOSE "LEG [ m e t ] Luftstrom [build] to clean a [mining] METER - intake a by means a Luftloch η austauscher a [ g a s ind] Luftfaktor Lufthartung [metall] [mining] "INTERCHANGER (a suction Entliifter [metall] "HORN the Luftablass missiles - Luftloch r«, Windfang "INTAKE m coating a "INTAKE "FEED STOPER - - STEEL - "INSULATION £ a £ Presslufthammer "HARDENING "INLET distributed (the r e m o v a l of air [mech] [mining] "FILTER- £ (two-way ground) Luftgewehr η [impl] "HARDENING "INLET [ c o n s t r ] Luft'porenbeton Entluftung [phys] Entluftung "EXHAUSTER - a AGENT - [constr] Beton-Plastifizierer [mech] "EVACUATION air) and for spraying Spritzpistole giëssmaschine Luftleitung [aero] a (an implement "INLET CONTROL Bordmechaniker "-ENTRAINED CONCRETE "ESCAPE a, [eng] Pressluftmotor - π Windtrocknung through which air - ( a gun that d i s c h a r g e s "HUMIDIFIER a [ i n d ] Lufttrocknung Bord-Boden- between aircraft [paint] f.

E l ] (the product current) [ e l ] Amperemeter - EFFICIENCY f [ e l ] (capacity of a battery - Kapazitat [ e l ] con- £ r, [ e l ] Ampercstunde CAPACITY of winding Gesamtdurchflutung in a m p e r - h o u r s ) £ in mea- Ah Amperestundenwirkungs- πι "-HOUR a, Amortisation £ [ c o m m ] SLUDGE PRODUCED "-HOUR a, - TWIST - [ e l ] D â m p f e r w i c k l u n g {L [phys] Grosse "OF sured [chem] Ammoniumkarbonat - "OF ductors a [chem] Ammoniumbromid "CARBONATE - " -CONDUCTORS [chem] Ammoniumbikarbonat Ammoniak FORWARD RAINFALL a a, Menge MODULATION "BALANCE a - m, S u m m e m, "OF AMPERE a [chem] Ammoniumarsenat doppeltkohlensaures Gehalt "OF £ saures Ammonium Λ - (non £ Zelle [ g e n ] M e n g e {L DEFLECTION AMP [chem] Ammoniumalginat "BICARBONATE Amobenruhr structure) [ c o m m ] "OF ,Ammoniak [chem] Ammoniakdungung - Betrag AMPERAGE [chem] Ammoniumalaun " A R S E N A T E a Ammoniak- [chem] Ammoniumacetat - Sal- verbinden [chem] ammoniakalisch A M M O N I F I C A T I O N A M M O N I U M ammoniac) a mit - [ c o m m ] "BROUGHT L a t e x πι ( U S for sal η Kristallinisch of orderly Schuldentilgung A M O U N T Ammoniak- ammoniakalisch ammoniakaler [chem] AMMONIATE, nicht AMORTISSEUR WINDING £ ammoniakalisch [chem] [med] amôbenfôrmige [chem & min] (devoid [tech] A M M O N I A C A L - [biol] - Rontgen- missgestaltet a A M M O N I A C - 4, [ m e d ] Fruchtwa'sser DYSENTERY AMORTIZEMENT ind] [chem] (allgemeiner) Eihàute - πι Amnésie [ m e d ] Amniographie A m o b e {.

Wechselfieber Amperestunde (air-hardening) stundenzâhler - buschel £ £ "BRICK discharge) - [bot] Ailanthus [aero] (wing Querruder - [aero] a, Gotterbaum flap c o n t r o l l e d by the pilot) Querruderausgleich "CONTROL CABLE - [aero] Querrudersteuerseil [aero] -[aero] "FULCRUM "HINGE - - [aero] - Querruderausschlag Querruderwiderstand [aero] Querruderhebel - [aero] gesteuerte, - [aero] Querruderspannweite [aero] AILING - - - [aero] [ g e n ] Richtung - "CIRCLE - - "MECHANISM gerât - Zielpunkt - Luft £ Zieleinrichtung £, Richt- πι Leerlaufluftschraube "AGITATION LEACH " A L A R M - [acoust] "BAFFLE - [mech] flow of a stream "BALLAST "BASE - "BATH - - - Ruhrlauge of a i r ) Luftzwischenwand (a vented exhaust) [aero] - η η is extinguished - by a blast [ e l ] (a switch whose of a i r ) [metall] "BLAST TRANSFORMER - [ e l ] (transformer by forced circulation Transformator "BLASTING - - which [metall] Luftstrahlreinigung £ for use "BLEED ELBOW - - Entluftung πι " C H U C K - [mech] of a i r ) - - ( p i p e e l b o w on an air-bleed - [ind c h e m ] geblasener £ A s p h a l t πι (natural Lufttumlauf or η induced /n, L u f t z i r k u l a t i o n AUTOCLAVE - [ind m o v e £ chem]Umlauf- [motor] air (filter in i .

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