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By A.S. Markov, V.A. Romanov, V.I. Rydnik, E.G. Rys, V.M. Borsch, S.N. Korchomkin, N.S. Skorokhod, Yu.V. Fedirko, N.B. Shaykhon

Scientific and technical contacts among international locations· have necessitated the book of varied language textbooks, manuals and reference books. quite very important between them are multilingual scientifio and technical dictionaries. This English-German-French-Dutch-Russian Dictionary of Scientifio and Technical phrases comprises a few 9000 entries. the most fea­ ture of the Dictionary is that it contains at the start basic clinical phrases wanted by means of an engineer operating in any department of technological know-how and expertise. in addition to, the Dictionary contains the fundamental phrases utilized in physics, mathemat­ ics, the basics of electric engineering and chemistry, and likewise the main crucial phrases concerning production procedures. computing device layout, checking out tools, and so on. The Compilers have been faced with a tough job, as these days technological know-how and know-how are constructing quickly and the minimal clinical and tech­ nical vocabulary required by way of a consultant is expanding therefore. The Compilers have taken specific pains to incorporate the whole easy mod­ ern technical vocabulary, omitting superfluous phrases and words. they've got attempted to resolve this challenge by way of determining quite often these medical and tech­ nical phrases which represent the fundamental of a specialized vocabulary. There­ fore, the Dictionary contains the vocabulary concerning common examine classes in arithmetic, physics and chemistry, and likewise in electric engi­ neering. electronics and desktop layout, given in technical faculties irrespect­ ive in their specification. This lends the Dictionary an «all-purpose» char­ acter, making it both beneficial to scientists and engineers of other nations, who've graduated from schools with various curricula.

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Kopnyc m; TeJIO n 3. CTaHIIHa f 4. Hyc m B214 boiler II Kessel m; Dampfkessel m II chaudiere f (a vapeur) II stoomketel m II KOTeJI m; napoBoH KOreJI m; 60HJIep m _ B215 boiling II Sieden n II bouillonnement m, ebullition f II koken n II KllneHlle n B216 boiling point II Siedepunkt mil point m d'ebullition II kookpunt n II TOqKa f KllneHlIlI B217 boiling temperature II Siedetemperatur f II temperature t d'ebullition II kooktemreratuur f II TeMnepaTypa f ITOqKa f KllneHHlI 43 BOL BOR B218 bolometer II Bolometer n II bolometre m II bolometer mil 6oJIoMeTp m B219 bolt II Bolzen m II boulon m II bout m II 60JIT m; WnHJIbKa t B220 bol t head II Bolzenkopf m, Schraubenkopf m II tete f de boulon \I boutkop m II rOJIOBKa f 60JlTa B221 bolting II Verbolzung f \I boulonnage m II boutverbinding f II 1.

Mam. OCHOBaHHe n (cmeneHu, eeoMempUtteClwtJ r/JueYPbl) 5. XUM. OCHOBaHHe n B64 base address II 8asisadresse f! Grundadresse f II adresse f de base Ii grondadres n II 6a30BbIH a,llpec m B65 base circle II Grundkreis m (Zahnrad) II cerc1e m de base (engrenage) II grondcirkel m (tandwiel) II OCHOBHaH OKPYlKHOCTb I (ay6'1amoeo /(,o/leca) 866 base of logarithm II Basis I eines Logarithmus II base f du logarithme II basis I van een logarithme II OCHOBaHHe n JIOrapHIjJMa B67 base of power II Basis t einer Potenz II base f de Ia puissance II basis t van de macht II OCHOBaHHe n CTeneHH B68 base pitch II Eingriffsteilung I, Grl1ndkreisteilung f II pas m du cerc1e de base II grondsteek m (tandwiel) II lllaf m aauenJIeHH5I no OCHOBHOii OKPYlKHOCTH (sy6'lamOeO /(,O/leca) 869 base plane II 1.

Bblcaep· JlHBaHHe n. CBepJIeHHe n B239 boring bar II Bohrstange f II barre t d'alesage, porte-outil m it ale· ser II boorstang f (m) II paCTO'laaR onpaBKa t. 60pwTaHra f B240 boring head II Bohrkopf m; Bohreinheit t, II tete f d'alesage; bloc m d'alesage II boorkop m II paCTO'lHaS! rOJIOBKa f; paCTO'lHOii 6JiOK m B241 boring lathe II Aufbohrdrehmaschine f II tour·alesoir m II boordraaibank f \I TOKapHo'pacTo'lHoii CTaHOK m B242 boring machine II Aufbohrmaschine f; Bohrmaschine f II aleseuse f; perceuse f II uitboormachine f; boormachine t \I paCTO'lHOii CTaHOK m; CBepJIHJIbHblii CTaHOK m .

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