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Dictionary of clinical Biography. Vol. VI. Jean Hachette - Joseph Hyrtl

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Dictionary of scientific biography, Vol. 6

Dictionary of medical Biography. Vol. VI. Jean Hachette - Joseph Hyrtl

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Bell ; "Human Physiology Under High Pressure . 1 . Effects of Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, and Cold," in Journal of Hygiene, 41 (1941), 225-249, written with E. M . s . 4 (1949), 194 . Haldane's papers were with him in Calcutta and Bhubaneswar and, following his death, are believed to have been taken to Hyderabad by his widow . 11 . SECONDARY LITERATURE . See Ronald W . Clark, J. B . S. : The Life and Work of J. B. S . Haldane (New York, 1969) ; K . R . , Haldane and Modern Biology (Baltimore, 1968), edited by one of Haldane's former students ; N .

F . Riemann, and Hermann Minkowski, and maintains that Einstein's theory is only an illustration of "the principle of the relativity of knowledge" to a special subject . The exposition is general but lucid and critical . In the course of it Haldane discusses Moritz Schlick's view, expressed in Raum and Zeit in der gegenwartigen Physik (1917), that physical space is "essentially dissimilar" from perceptual space although correlated with it and argues that such a view introduces "a splitting up of experience into sensations and conceptions which seems to have little warrant in the actual character of that experience" (p .

Yerkes to provide for a telescope that would surpass all others in focal length and light-gathering power . In 1893, while plans were being worked out for the new observatory, Hale went to the University of Berlin and worked there with Hermann von Helmholtz, Max Planck, A . A. Kundt, and Heinrich Rubens . At the Potsdam Observatory contacts with Vogel and Julius Scheiner increased his enthusiasm for astrophysical research . D . and never took time to earn one, although he received many honorary degrees, including one from Berlin .

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