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Socrates' disobedience to the illegal command of the Thirty was a fact widely spoken of . Plato would probably have been impressed to an equal degree by Socrates' courageous independence in such matters and by his faith in argument (argument with himself when he could not find a respondent) . He became conspicuous among Socrates' habitual companions, as distinct from the occasional listeners to his conversation . "After the tragedy, he retired, with other Socratics, to Megara, the home of Euclid .

For historians of science his most important original work is Calculation According to the Indians, Which Is Called Great, which deals with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, sexagesimals, and squares and square roots . Although it contains little original material, it is significant for its use of the eastern Arabic form of the Indian numerals . Planudes' source may have been his contemporary, Gregory Chioniades, who had studied astronomy at Tabriz in the early 1290's and was using the same forms of the Indian numerals in Byzantium in 1298-1302 .

Led the extremists among the Thirty Tyrants and put to death the moderate Theramenes . He became guardian of Perictione's brother Charmides and drew him into public affairs . Both perished in the battle which put an end to the Thirty's six months of power . Plato was one of four children . His brothers Adeimantus and Glaucon take a leading part in the Republic, where they are depicted with admiration and a clear impression of their personality is left . They appear once more briefly in the Pawnenides, and Xenophon presents Socrates proving to Glaucon the folly of his trying to address the Assembly when he is not yet twenty .?

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