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8 . J . Lange, op . cit . 9 . Gesammelte Werke, 1, 233-234 . 10 . 4llgeteine Theorie fiber das Beruhren and Sclnteiden der Kreise and der Kugeln : B . Jegher, "Von Kreisen, die einerlei Kugelflache liegen . Jakob Steiners Untersuchungen fiber das Schneiden and Beruhren von Kegelkreisen . . " It . Gesammelte Werke, 1, 17-76 . 12 . Steiner, Allgemeine Theorie . 13 . , xiv-xvi . 14 . Gesammelte Werke, 1, 17-76 . 15 . See F . Iahren 1823- 1826," § 11, "Die Erfindung der Inversion" ; A . Emch, "The Discovery of Inversion" ; and Mautz, op .

In 1910 he was appointed professor at the Technical College in Breslau . He assumed a similar post in 1920 at the University of Kiel, where his friend Otto Toeplitz was teaching, remaining there until his death . In his most important publication, "Algebraische Theorie der Korper" (1910), Steinitz gave an abstract and general definition of the concept of a "field" (Kiirper) as a system of elements with two operations (addition and multiplication) that satisfy associative and commutative laws (which are joined by the distributive law), the elements of which admit unlimited and unambiguous inversion up to division by zero .

33 . Opere matemotiche di Luigi Crernona, III (Milan, 1917), 1-121 . I . ORIGINAL WORKS . Many of Steiner's writings are in Jacob Steiner's Gesammelte Werke, K . , 2 vols . (Berlin, 1881 - 1882) . The major ones include Jacob Steiners Vorlesung>en fiber synthetische Geometrie : I, Die Theorie der Kegelschnitte in elementarer Darstellung, C . F . Geiser, ed . schaften, H . Schroter, ed . , 1898) : Allgemeine Theorie fiber das Beruhren and Schneiden der Kreise and der Kugeln, R . Fueter and F . Gonseth, eds .

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