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Pingree, "On the Classification of Indian Planetary Tables," in Journal for the History of Astronomy, 1 [1970], 95-108, esp . 103-104) and the parameters of the Brahmapaksa (see essay in Supplement) ; their epoch is 28 March 1316 . The extreme popularity of these tables in western India is indicated by the fact that over 100 manuscripts of them originating in that area have been identified . They have also been commented on by Nrsimha of Nandipura in Gujarat (1528) and by Dhanaraja of Padmavati in Marwar (Jodhpur) (1635) and have often been imitated by the astronomers of Gujarat and Rajasthan .

Katre, "Sultan Firuz Shah Tughluk : Royal Patron of a Contemporary Sanskrit Work," in Journal of Indian History, 45 (1967), 357-367 . DAVID PINGREE MAHMCD JBN MAS`CD AL-SHIRAZI . See Qutb al-Din al-Shirazi . MAIER, MICHAEL (b . Rensburg, Holstein, Germany, ca . 1568 ; d. Magdeburg, Germany, 1662), alchetny . Maier was probably the son of Johann Maier, an official of the duchy of Holstein . He studied first in either Rensburg or Kiel, and in 1587 he was studying at the University of Rostock . He owed his career to a relation of his mother's, Severin Goebel, a well-known physician of Gdansk and Konigsberg, who financed his studies .

Once described by Pierre Bayle as "one of the greatest philosophers of the seventeenth century," Maignan has largely been forgotten, although he was an original and individualistic thinker of no small merit . His work in optics, instrument making and design, and various branches of physics is in need of reevaluation . His Perspectiva horaria (1648) is an extremely detailed and almost exhaustive discussion of sundials, both from a practical and from a theoretical point of view . In this work many optical topics such as sciagraphy are also treated .

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