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The person from the other place of light (faraway, where it is daylight when dark in RIB, as in England). A'u te 'a,, daylight comes (about four c r five in the morning). See 'a. a Scbe, raha. Der: 'ao'ao 1; 'aoina, 'aongaoltie, 'aongata'a. PPN 'aho. 2. N(o). Cloud. Der: 'aoina. PPN 'ao. 3. N(o)V. Power and strength of the gods; to have divine power. E 'a. k i t e aa? E 'a. k i t e hugi. Power from what? Power from storms. , firnu. Der: 'ao'ao 2. 4. See manaba. 'aoa. NF. ; similar kinds are alobn, 'a.

Digits 11-19 are a. tunza'a e one, two, three, etc. A . tuma'a e tasi, 11. A. tuma'a e gima, 15. A. is sometimes replaced by hugu. , T57[A]:3. PPN hartgafulu. 2. N(o)V. T o be a month of the year, from September to October; this month. hakaangahugu. N(o)V. T o be the eighth and 22nd nights of the moon; these nights. ) angal. V. 1. T o face, look upon (T235p]:7); to protect, as ancestors or gods (T17[B]: 1); to pay back, recompense, revenge. T e pegea e hai tona kage ho'ou, nanzaa 'oti, ma re hakapupugu t e sa'amaatu'a k e a.

A M o a k i t e 'atua, Moa's food offering to the god. See 'inati. angatonu baka. N(o). Sakeakinga ritual performed when a new canoe is ready to be dragged from inland to the coast for final work. , sakeakinga. angatou. See agarou. anga tu'a. V . T o turn the back on. See a. 'ago, T235(A):66. angatu'atu. V. To turn the back away. K O a u e a. kia t e k o e , I turn my back on you. anga tutu'u. See aga t. angatu'u. See agatu'u. 'anga tuutuu noa. See 'aga t. n. 'anga'unga. See 'aga'unga. ange. 1.

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