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By Anthony C. Caputo

The use of electronic surveillance expertise is quickly transforming into because it turns into considerably more affordable for dwell and distant tracking. the second one version of Digital Video Surveillance and Security offers the most up-tp-date and entire reference for safeguard pros and specialists as they plan, layout, and enforce surveillance structures to safe their areas of business.

By supplying the mandatory causes of phrases, recommendations, and technological features, this revised version addresses the latest applied sciences and options on the market at the present time. With transparent descriptions and precise illustrations, Digital Video Surveillance and Security is the single ebook that indicates the necessity for an total knowing of the electronic video surveillance (DVS) ecosystem.

  • Highly visible with easy-to-read diagrams, schematics, tables, troubleshooting charts, and graphs
  • Includes layout and implementation case reports and top practices
  • Uses vendor-neutral comparisons of the newest digital camera gear and recording options

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264 compression at CIF to 5 MP resolution. 264 compression on camera resolutions. 2 GB of hard drive space per day; the 5 MP camera would require almost 70 GB of hard drive space per day. Remember that the camera is just a piece of the overall solution. Consider the networking infrastructure and storage costs when deciding on the megapixel size and quantity. Also consider camera models with multiple megapixel options, since select area-of-coverage locations may not require full 5 MP and you can balance the network and storage load at a more granular level, camera by camera.

8 million colors (16,777,216). The same holds true for liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors, only the result is achieved differently. The LCD monitor is a thin, flat display of liquid crystals sandwiched between two pieces of polarized glass called the substrate. A small fluorescent bulb (the backlight) illuminates the first substrate, and when the electric current from a thin-film transistor activates the crystals to align at various levels of light and color, it passes through the second substrate, creating what you see on the screen.

The only additional bandwidth required is for the small macroblocks of movement in the upper-left corner. Fixed digital IP cameras are only concerned with movement within the area of coverage, but when you also add panning, tilting, and zooming to the equation, many PTZ IP cameras have a difficult time processing a consistent 30 fps. This, of course, is only a minor stumbling block, since newer cameras include faster multiprocessor chips. 11 I-frame, P-frame, and B-frame. 12 Video compression/decompression (codec) timeline.

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