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By Andrew T Abernethy

In consuming in Isaiah Andrew Abernethy employs a sequential-synchronic method of discover the function of consuming within the constitution and message of the ebook of Isaiah. by means of concentrating on 'scaffolding' chapters (Isaiah 1; 36–37; fifty five; 65-66), avenues open for exploring how consuming operates in the significant sections of Isaiah and the way the motif complements the book's coherence. additionally, occurrences of consuming in Isaiah create networks of organization that supply viewpoint on major subject matters within the book's message, comparable to Zion, YHWH’s kingship, and YHWH's servants. Amidst becoming scholarly curiosity in food and drinks inside biblical literature, consuming in Isaiah demonstrates how consuming can function at a literary point inside of a prophetic ebook.

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Eating in Isaiah 1 Within Isa 1 there are a handful of verses that relate to the prospect of eating. Before considering these verses, it will be helpful to reflect briefly on the structure of Isa 1 as it assists in identifying the place of eating within the larger schema of the chapter. There are a number of indications that ch. 2 The repetition of ‫ כי יהוה דבר‬in 1:2 and 1:20 links 1:2–9 and 10–20 (10–17, 18–20) together. This bond is strengthened by the repetition of “listen” (‫ )ׁשמעו‬and “give ear” (‫ )האזינו ;האזיני‬in 1:2 and 10 to introduce new phases of the speech.

61 There are other instances where ‫ חפץ‬is used in contexts evaluating “cultic acceptability” (1 Sam 15:22; Hos 6:6; Mal 1:10; Pss 40:7; 51:8, 18). , 90. 62 For an ancient Near Eastern overview of feeding gods through sacrifice, see W. G. Lambert, “Donations of Food and Drink to the Gods in Ancient Mesopotamia,” in Ritual and Sacrifice in the Ancient Near East: Proceedings of the International Conference Organized by the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven from the 17th to the 20th of April 1991, ed.

Seitz (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1988), 123. 18 chapter 1 might put it, Isaiah is open in the sense that it invites future readers to appropriate its message for their time. This second premise clarifies the aim of the present study. As indicated above, it is natural and advisable for a reader to make associations within a literary work. While an interpreter may employ many strategies for engaging with associations within the text, a sequential approach will serve as our entry point for exposing networks of association within Isaiah.

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