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See Fig. ) This is given 4. Chapter 3 of Aerial Lines This equation shows the work done in moving a unit charge from conductor 2 a distance D12 meters to the surface of conductor 1 through the electric field produced by ql. Now assuming only conductor 2, having a charge 42, the voltage between conductors 1 and 2 is VI2 = 18 X log q2 In uz- volts. This equation shows the work done in moving a unit charge from the outer radius of conductor 2 to conductor 1 a distance D12 meters away through the electric field produced by qz.

This table is taken from the Wagner and Evans book Symmetrical Components, page 138. Having developed xa and xd in terms of a two-conductor, single-phase circuit, these quantities can be used to deand negative-sequence inductive termine the positivereactance of a three-conductor, three-phase circuit. Figure 12 shows a three-conductor, three-phase circuit by line to carrying phase currents Is, Ib, I, produced ground voltages Ea, Eb, and Ec. First, consider the case where the three conductors are symmetrically spaced in a triangular configuration so that no transpositions are required to maintain equal voltage drops in each phase along the line.

2. In this type of conductor, aluminum strands are wound about, a core of stranded steel. Varying relationships between tensile strength and current-carrying capacity as well as overall size of conductor can be obtained by varying the proportions of steel and aluminum. By the use of a filler, such as paper, between the outer aluminum strands and the inner steel strands, a conductor of large diameter can be obtained for use in high voltage lines. This type of con32 Fig. 3—A typical “expanded” Fig.

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