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There are many books on electron microscopy, notwithstanding, the examine of polymers utilizing EM necessitates certain innovations, precautions and instruction equipment, together with ultramicrotomy. This booklet discusses the final features of a few of the thoughts of EM, together with scanning strength microscopy (AFM). the applying of those thoughts to the learn of morphology and homes, really micromechanical homes, is defined intimately. Examples from all periods of polymers are presented.

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14 1 Overview of Techniques bination of electron microscopy (with its high local resolution of structures and variations in details) with some of other integral techniques that provide average values of structures should be utilised if possible. References 1. Keller A () In: Growth and perfection of crystals (Proc Int Conf Crystal Growth, Cooperstown, NY). Wiley, New York, pp  2. Bassett DC, Frank FC, Keller A () Philos Mag : 3. Glauert AM (–) Practical methods in electron microscopy, vols –.

The third period, which covers the time from the late s right up to the present, brought further continuous improvement in all of the operational systems of the TEM as a result of technological progress in general. In particular, progress in electronics combined with the replacement of vacuum tube technology by solid-state circuitry and later on by integrated circuit technology was a driving force for significant improvements in the critical parts of the TEM, such as the power supplies for the lens current and the high voltage.

They require indirect heating because their electrical resistance is too high for direct current heating. LaB crystals are more susceptible to thermal shock than tungsten, so it is important to take care when heating and cooling an LaB source, and as LaB is a highly reactive material, the gun vacuum has to be − times better than that for tungsten cathodes. As shown in Fig. d, a thermionic electron gun is a triode system consisting of the cathode connected to a highly negative potential, the (grounded) anode aperture, and the Wehnelt electrode in-between, which has a potential that is hundreds of volts more negative than the cathode potential.

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