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By Volkmar Dierolf

This e-book offers with the mutual interplay and effort move among digital disorder states of F facilities and illness ions (e.g. infrequent earth parts) and neighbouring molecular defects (OH-, CN-) in alkali halides. those version illness structures express a really exciting and ambiguous personality simply because they behave like remoted defects in a single example yet like supermolecules in others. The textual content provides an outline of the subject and discusses attainable purposes. It covers quite a lot of spectroscopic equipment utilized to the structures and experiences numerous methods for his or her theoretical interpretation. It comprises greater than a hundred illustrations, figures and tables in addition to many formerly unpublished effects. This ebook presents a worthy source for additional reviews into this and similar fields.

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18) the expected enhancement of the absorption crosssection is most pronounced if the splitting between the polarizable electronic levels is small and the two defects are located very close to each other. While this phenomenological picture is able to explain qualitatively the observed enhancement effects, a quantitative description requires a more detailed knowledge of the electronic states involved, the perturbation induced by the molecular defects, and the mutual defect interaction. 2. The mechanical properties of the oscillator (ω e , xe ) are rather insensitive to the host ions.

1). The models which will be reviewed can be divided into two classes: • F¨ orster–Dexter (FD)-type models. The defects interact only through an electric field and their wavefunctions are considered as independent. In Energy Lattice Molecule excited state 1 v'=0 1 Eexc 2 3 4 3 ground state Egr qph ∆qph 2 1 v=0 ∆ξmol ξmol Fig. 2. Schematic CC diagram of the FH (CN− ) center in CsCl, with a configurational coordinate (CC) q ph and parabolic potential curves describing the motion of a typical phonon mode.

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