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By W. Davis Folsom, Rick Boulware

Designed for the non-specialist, scholars and common readers, this encyclopedia can help any beginner comprehend the complicated and infrequently complicated ideas and phrases which are utilized in the realm of industrial. 5 normal parts of commercial are lined: accounting, banking, finance, advertising, and administration. Encyclopedia of yank company comprises entries on issues similar to annual document, balanced finances, capital, deflation, trade fee, joint ventures, advertising and marketing thought, mutual money, revenue sharing, and zero-sum video game.

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DIRECT INVESTMENTs Further reading Boyes, William, and Michael Melvin. Macroeconomics, 5th ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2001. balance of trade See TRADE BALANCE. balance sheet The balance sheet is a statement of the financial position and net worth of a firm. Built on the accounting equation assets = liabilities + owners’ equity, the balance sheet is a two-columned statement with ASSETS listed on the left side and liabilities and owners’ EQUITY listed on the right side. Because the right side represents the sources of CAPITAL for the firm and the left side represents the uses of that capital, the two sides of the balance sheet must always be in balance.

Similarly, during recessions, when economic output is declining, workers are often laid off or put on temporary furlough. Most workers in the United States are then eligible for UNEMPLOYMENT benefits. These benefits allow workers to maintain some of the spending in the economy they were doing before they lost their job. During the GREAT DEPRESSION, unemployment and WELFARE benefits did not exist. When workers lost their jobs, their income dropped to zero, which in turn dramatically decreased their spending and reduced national income even further.

Using the data collected, the benchmarking team looks for gaps between the company’s processes and PRODUCTs and those of the leading unit, firm, or industry. Once gaps are identified, causes are searched for and hopefully identified. This leads to the final step in the process: taking action to change existing practices to match or exceed those of the benchmarked unit or competitor. As Dean Elmuti et al. suggest, benchmarking can lead to legal issues. Especially in competitive benchmarking, copying the practices or processes of the leading firm in an industry can generate problems associated with PROPRIETARY INFORMATION and INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.

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