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Covering all features of delivery phenomena at the nano- and micro-scale, this encyclopedia gains over 750 entries in 3 alphabetically-arranged volumes together with the main updated learn, insights, and utilized ideas throughout all parts. insurance comprises electric double-layers, optofluidics, DNC lab-on-a-chip, nanosensors, and more.

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The magnitude and charge orientation of the induced dipole are dependent on the permittivities and conductivities of the medium and of the particle. If the electric field is uniform the induced charges on both sides of the particle are equal, creating no net force on the particle. However, if the electric field is nonuniform (Fig. 1) there will be a net force greater than zero. The general expression for the dielectrophoretic force of a homogeneous sphere is expressed as FDEP = 2πε0 εm r3 Re K(ω) ∇E2 (1) where ε0 is the permittivity of free space, εm is the relative permittivity of the medium, r is the radius of the particle, Re [K(ω)] is the real part of the Clausius–Mossotti factor and ∇E2 is the gradient of the magnitude of the electric field squared.

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