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She is an affectionate child. : • -;:,. 27 affianced· 2. TID-'I;t'. She has an affectionate nature. bCf. • M+ (be) affianced"'""' He was affianced at an early age. ) Tll He refused to affiliate with a political party. '11-1:11 • 11-~"J • ;>C • lloPof>'lof>A • l>A Lll~'l" be affiliated with f - - - 'l'~'i' • )CD- The college is affiliated with the university. )1: • fllkliCotof:m- • 'l'~'i' ' )

2. 01'111. This mead ages well. ) ~~111''i' • He is about my age. n~~ • ~11-YIL • )m2. '""""· He is thirty years of age. "''~" • ' oP"fl I The aged man was wrinkled and bent. 11"7"111. l" • 01\J'. • 1-11m 'Ptt. '1- The aged woman was wtinkled and bent. l" • 01\J'. • 11lm'Ptt. agency I. 'c~'l-. Employment agencies help workers find jobs. Y1"f. t:-'111- 2. tt.. The company has an agency in Addis Ababa. 1'1 • hnq • OJoil'l' • wh. to,' hiiOJo I. ~~- State age and occupation! P'tl-111' • "IIIli' 3. ~ou ,.

I. mt. :?. The general advanced his troops to the new position. :1 • 2. ~11" ll~t:?. The chairman advanced the time of the meeting. ,. 11. ,. 3. -u' • l'lm. Could you advance me some money? l' • A'll'lm'1 • '1-':f'IIIU l 4. :. The banks often advance money to farmers. 11. 1:-t-11- ' 5. :11. The plan he advanced was not good. ,. 1:" • ~ • IIA)IIt:ll" 6. :?. The minister tried hard to advance the cause of peace. 1:-t:"l • -flit" • ~boo 7. :. His purpose was to advance his own interests rather than the company's.

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