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This hugely useful reference provides for the 1st time in one quantity every kind of environmental degradation a metal compound might suffer in the course of its processing, garage, and repair. Clarifying common and localized corrosion results, Environmental Degradation of Metals describes the consequences of atmospheric publicity, high-temperature gases, soil, water, vulnerable and robust chemical compounds, liquid metals, and nuclear radiation. It determines no matter if corrosion can take place below a given set of stipulations, exhibits how advancements in part layout can lessen corrosion, and info the excessive- and low-temperature results of oxidizing brokers. The booklet additionally investigates the on the spot and behind schedule failure of reliable steel involved with liquid steel, highlights the impact of hydrogen on steel, and profiles radiation results on steel.

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The dissolution shows Tafel behavior initially, the current density increasing with increasing applied potential. This is the active region. At E pp , which is called the primary passive potential, the current density shows a maximum value, i cr , the critical current density for passivity. Polarization beyond E pp lowers the dissolution drastically, as characterized by the low value of current density, which remains essentially independent of potential over a considerable potential range. This is termed the passive region.

Again shows an increase, and we have what is termed transpassive region. 44) All active-passive metals exhibit such typical S-shaped anodic polarization curves with the exception of titanium, which does not possess a transpassive region. The corrosion behavior of an active-passive metal can be understood from consideration of the mixed electrodes involving the cathodic reduction process. This has been illustrated in Fig. 21. The cathodic polarization curve, depending on its exchange current density and Tafel slope, will intersect the anodic polarization curve in any one of the three ways shown as 1, 2, and 3.

For case 2, i corr corresponds to B, C, and D, but C being electrically unstable, the corrosion current assumes either the low value at D or the high value at B depending on whether the metal is in the passive or active state. The unstable passivity achieved by exposing iron to fuming nitric acid gives rise to such a situation. For case 3, where the cathodic curve clears the nose (i cr ), i corr corresponds to i passive and this is the most desirable situation from the viewpoint of corrosion prevention.

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