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She not only retaught us the shaky “facts” about the verities of Catholic traditional beliefs, such as the perils of missing Sunday Mass or eating meat on Friday, the state of the Blessed Mother’s perpetual virginity, and the four stages of the afterlife: Heaven; “Limbo” where unbaptized infants go; Purgatory, if you only need to do some time; and Hell. She also reminded us of how we were to behave: to be disciplined, to always answer in complete sentences that include a subject and verb, to respect our elders, never to answer yes or no, but to stand up and respond with “Yes, Sister” or “No, Sister,” to sit up straight and fold our hands.

Other important aspects include getting to know some of what is happening in local cultural communities and nurturing authentic relationships with people of different cultural groups. Friends, colleagues, and students from various cultural backgrounds have been important mentors to me and have helped facilitate my moving toward being able to teach in a more culturally relevant way. Yet I can never totally get inside another’s cultural experience, anymore than someone outside the experience of growing up Irish-, Polish-, or Italian-Catholic will totally relate to or understand all the cultural nuances of Late Nite Catechism.

He traces the various historical uses of the term in the United States and notes the long-standing influence of nineteenth-century British cultural critic Matthew Arnold’s 35 36 EXPLORING SPIRITUALITY AND CULTURE IN ADULT AND HIGHER EDUCATION definition of culture as that which is associated with the most elite in beauty, intelligence, and perfection. Adult educators Horace Kallen and Alain Locke in the first half of the twentieth century had a more inclusive conception of culture as that which is connected to the lifeblood of a people.

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