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Scrubber waste products One side effect of scrubbing is that the process only moves the unwanted substance from the exhaust gases into a liquid solution, solid paste or powder form. This must be disposed of safely, if it can not be reused. For example, mercury removal results in a waste product that either needs further processing to extract the raw mercury, or must be buried in a special hazardous wastes landfill that prevents the mercury from seeping out into the environment. As an example of reuse, limestone-based scrubbers in coal fired power plants can produce a synthetic gypsum of sufficient quality that can be used to manufacture drywall and other industrial products.

The main problem is the buildup of solids on the baffles. Table 1 summarizes the operating characteristics of baffle spray scrubbers. Table 1. 13 l/m3 (1 < 100 kPa (< of water gal/1,000 ft3) 15 psig) Removal efficiency Applications very low Mining operations Particles 1-3 in of water Cyclonic spray scrubber Figure 1 - Irrigated cyclone scrubber 10 µm diameter Incineration Chemical process industry Cyclonic spray scrubbers are an air pollution control technology. They use the features of both the dry cyclone and the spray chamber to remove pollutants from gas streams.

Maintenance problems The main advantage of spray towers over other scrubbers is their completely open design; they have no internal parts except for the spray nozzles. This feature eliminates many of the scale buildup and plugging problems associated with other scrubbers. The primary maintenance problems are spray-nozzle plugging or eroding, especially when using recycled scrubber liquid. To reduce these problems, a settling or filtration system is used to remove abrasive particles from the recycled scrubbing liquid before pumping it back into the nozzles.

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