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By Nevenko Bartulin

Among 1941 and 1945, in a single of the extra curious episodes of racial politics in the course of the moment global battle, a small variety of Jews have been granted the rights of Aryan voters within the self reliant kingdom of Croatia via the pro-Nazi Utasha regime. This research seeks to provide an explanation for how those exemptions from Ustasha racial legislation got here to be, and specifically how they have been justified through the race idea of the time. writer Nevenko Bartulin explores those questions in the broader histories of anti-Semitism, nationalism, and race in Croatia within the overdue 19th and early 20th century, tracing Croatian Jews' afflicted trip from "Croats of the Mosaic faith" earlier than international conflict II to their eventual rejection as racial extraterrestrial beings by way of the Utasha circulate.

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141 It is important to note that, for Truhelka, the Serb–Vlachs, and not the Jews, represented the main ethnic–racial ‘problem’ of Bosnia. Identifying Vlachs with Jews (and Armenians) was meant to establish the racial ‘otherness’ and essentially non-European origin of the Serbs; after all, by the end of the nineteenth century, the Jew came to represent the non-Aryan par excellence of the European continent. Accordingly, Truhelka was able to intellectually construct the idea of a profound racial distinction between Croats and Serbs by arguing that the latter, as descendants of the Vlachs, were part of the same degenerate non-European race as the Jews.

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