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By Mark A. Keane

Researchers from a number disciplines speak about the position of interface technological know-how in environmental remediation. They concentrate on purposes to abating nitrogen-oxygen and sulfur-oxygen compounds, water remedy, catalysis for natural pollutant remediation, and waste minimization and recycling. between particular issues are the chemistry of sulfur oxides on transition steel surfaces, designing and synthesizing new fabrics for heavy aspect waste remediation, detoxifying centred halogenated gasoline streams utilizing reliable supported nickel catalysts, and recycling polymer waste over used catalysts. The 17 reports have been constructed from displays on the symposium software of Interface technology to Environmental toxins keep an eye on (Chicago, August 2001).

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1. Cu-Containing Zeolite Over different zeolite host structures several research groups have established a linear relationship between SCR activity and the copper ion exchange content [57–64]. It should be noticed that copper oxide aggregates are less active [58,62,65] and selective [58,65] than Cu cations or oxocations, due to their high activity for the side reaction of NH3 oxidation by O2 alone [58,65]. The reasons for the promotion of activity by copper are not well understood. According to Choi et al.

The simultaneous catalytic reduction of NO and N2O over Fe-BEA has proven to be more efficient than when processing NO and N2O alone (Fig. 3) [35]. The synergy between NO and N2O for their simultaneous removal is readily expressed by Eq. (1) and the following reaction: NO ϩ O* → NO2 ϩ * (9) The SCR of NO2 ϩ NO then proceeds easily (see Section II) according to NO2 ϩ NO ϩ 2NH3 → 2N2 ϩ 3H2O (10) Fe-BEA and Fe-FER catalysts have been tested in pilot plant conditions in derivation of a nitric acid tail gas.

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