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It can then be c~nsecrated for use, but remembering that it should be consectated In another earth slgn such as one of the three indicated above .. WATER To Invoke the powers of the Water Element Olibanium 5 parts Camphor 5 parts Willow 4 parts Jasmine oil lOml per 80z dry ingredient mixture. Compound on the day of the year when the sun is in a Water based sign such as Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, after the sun has entered the sign, not before. Ensure that the comrounding is performed at Noon. Mix in a vesse of Glass or crystal.

Somewhere warm, not hot, for at least 28 days'rreferabfy up to 3 months. It can then be consecrated for use, again when the energies a the planet Saturn are most favoured as per the planetary table. d (see planetary table in MagicKal Diary or Magickal record for correct hour calculation) Pound all the ingredients to a fine powder in a Mortar & Pestle. Once the Incense has been made it should be consecrated as part of your rites. Store the remainder of your Incense in a dark Jar with an airtight seal, & keep in a dry place, somewhere warm, not hot, for at least 28 days, prcferabry up to 3 momhs.

Mix in a vessel of Iron. Pound all the ingredients to a fine powder in a mortar & pestle. You should then consecrate the Incense at the same time that you are comP9unding it. Place your finished supply of incense in a dark Jar, With an aIrtight seal, & store somewhere dry. SAGITTARIUS The Archer 23rd November - 22nd December Amber oil lOml per 80z dry ingredient mixture. Fr~ngipani oil lOml per 80z dry ingredient mixture. M Istfeloe 5 Qarts Gum Copal 5 parts Compound on the day when the sun enters the sign of Sagittarius.

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