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By J.C. Love, V. Goodship

Many diversifications of injection moulding were built and one of many swiftly increasing fields is multi-material injection moulding. This evaluate appears on the many options getting used, from the terminology to case reviews. the 3 basic forms of multi-material injection moulding tested are multi-component, multi-shot and over-moulding. the fundamental different types of multi-material injection moulding, the problems surrounding combining sorts of polymers and examples of useful makes use of of this know-how are defined.

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This, however, presents problems of its own as controlling the mould temperature and the differing thermoset/thermoplastic flow fronts would be extremely difficult. 4 Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Liquid silicone rubber can also be combined with some thermoplastics and this is an area of much commercial interest. 6). There are numerous examples of work in this area (108, 121, 125, 132, 146, 147, 151, 189) with potential applications including shower heads and water resistant mobile phones. The reason for the interest is the added versatility offered by soft/hard combinations using LSR.

5) and is likely to hit commercial exploitation in the near future. 2 Material Process Order Thermoset flexible/rigid combinations can be achieved by combining liquid silicone rubber with thermosets. The similar processing temperature requirements and process control is much enhanced with this combination, providing that the mould is designed with adequate consideration of flows. The melting and softening characteristics have been mentioned already. They also affect the potential process order.

Packaging manufacturers must consider the Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste, Directive 94/62/EC. Restrictions with regard to material combinations. Even for compatible materials, the choice of a particular grade could influence adhesion and give inferior properties. Since processing conditions can affect the rates of inter-diffusion of skin and core, they can also affect the properties of the final component. Again, the effects are complicated and not well understood. • Automotive manufacturers and suppliers must comply with the End-of-Life vehicle directive (ELV), Directive 2000/53/EC.

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