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By Aboul Ella Hassanien, Mohamed Mostafa Fouad, Azizah Abdul Manaf, Mazdak Zamani, Rabiah Ahmad, Janusz Kacprzyk

This booklet offers contemporary functions and methods in addition to demanding situations in electronic forensic technological know-how. one of many evolving demanding situations that's coated within the publication is the cloud forensic research which applies the electronic forensic technology over the cloud computing paradigm for carrying out both reside or static investigations in the cloud setting. The e-book additionally covers the subject of multimedia forensics and watermarking within the quarter of data safeguard. that comes with highlights on intelligence ideas designed for detecting major adjustments in picture and video sequences. in addition, the subject matter proposes fresh strong and computationally effective electronic watermarking ideas. The final a part of the ebook offers numerous electronic forensics comparable functions, together with components resembling facts acquisition enhancement, proof overview, cryptography, and at last, dwell research in the course of the value of reconstructing the botnet assault state of affairs to teach the malicious actions and records as evidences to be offered in a court.

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Their auditing scheme also supports data dynamics using Merkle Hash Tree (MHT) and it enables the auditor to perform audits for multiple users simultaneously and efficiently. Unfortunately, their scheme is vulnerable to TPA offline guessing attack. 34 A. Abo-alian et al. Fig. 3 Example of balanced update tree operations [41] ii. Balanced Update Tree Zhang and Blanton [41] proposed a new data structure called “balanced update tree,” to support dynamic operations while verifying data integrity. , insertion, deletion, or modification) has been performed.

In order to overcome the replicate-on-the-fly (ROTF) attack, they make replica creation a more timeconsuming process. However, RDC-SR has three remarkable limitations: First, the authorized users must know the random numbers used in the masking step in order to generate the original file. Second, it only supports private auditing. Third, it works only on static data. 3 Static Versus Dynamic Data Auditing Considering the data persistence, existing auditing schemes can be categorized into: Auditing schemes that support only static archived data such as; [3, 5, 25] and auditing schemes that support data dynamics such as; insertion, deletion and modification.

Furthermore, it offers a pay-per-use pricing model and the ability to scale the service depending on demand. Examples of IaaS providers are Amazon EC2 [5] and Terremark [6]. Cloud services can be deployed in four ways depending upon the clients’ requirements. The cloud deployment models are: public cloud, private cloud, community cloud and hybrid cloud. In the public cloud (or external cloud), a cloud infrastructure is hosted, operated, and managed by a third-party vendor from one or more data centers [2].

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