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By I. Eynat-Confino

The e-book unearths how the glorious is utilized in sleek theatre as a manipulative equipment to encode the unspeakable and keep an eye on viewers reaction, difficult traditional readings of all authors who use the glorious.

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It is the crack of dawn. Cocks crow. 32 The stage directions do not indicate the exact form of these two gigantic shapes that represent the gods. Their big size suggests their belonging to the realm of the supernatural, and their iridescent luminosity and position high above the small hill (the elevated podium of the stage upon the stage) indicate their divine nature and evoke an image of transcendence. THE GIRL IN WHITE, AGAIN Tiresias visits Oedipus in the royal bedroom on his wedding night and tries to dissuade him from proceeding to the consummation of the marriage.

In medieval bestiaries, the lamia is described as a fantastic animal with a woman’s head and a lion’s body, a depiction that reminds that of the Sphinx. Other iconographic representations show the lamia as a monster with a woman’s head and breasts and with a snake’s body. 28 For the Matron who talked with the Girl in White, the young women who lure away her sons are vampires, possessors of a devouring sexuality. 29 The lycanthropic connotations of the Sphinx’s present incarnation convey and enhance the threatening aspect of the Sphinx as a rejected woman.

To an ordinary man, they seem to operate in unexplainable ways and to mysterious ends. In The Infernal Machine, Oedipus, who is portrayed like an ordinary man, looks for the Sphinx but meets a young innocent-looking girl; little does he suspect that she is the monster. He believes that he solved the riddle by his wit; little does he know or remember how and why the solution came to his head during his sojourn in the territory of the dead. The new incarnation of the Sphinx may have an additional source in ancient Greek mythology, where Hecate, the goddess of the crossroads, who was connected with hell and the dark powers, is described as either accompanied by dogs or having three heads: a dog’s, a horse’s, and a snake’s.

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