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By Terry Pratchett, Stephen Briggs

A brand new degree edition of 1 of Pratchett's best-selling novelsThere's been a homicide. Allegedly. William de Worde is the Discworld's first investigative journalist. He did not suggest to be - it used to be simply an twist of fate. yet, as William fills his pages with experiences of neighborhood membership conferences and images of humorously formed greens, darkish forces excessive up in Ankh-Morpork's society are plotting to overthrow te city's ruler, Lord Vetinari.

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I. ' William really tried not to look down. The ledge had looked a lot wider from below. He was regretting the whole thing. 'I wouldn't dream of it. ' 'Yes, yes . . er . . ' said William. There was a hitherto unsuspected nasty breeze up here, gusting treacherously around the rooftops. It fluttered the pages of his notebook. ' 'Er . . because from this height on to solid ground it's often hard to find out that sort of thing afterwards,' said William, trying not to breathe out too much. ' William pulled a copy of the Times out of his pocket.

If there was a policemen's ball, we would be among the first to buy a ticket,' said Mr Pin. ' 'I just wanted to be sure that we understood one another,' said Mr Slant, snapping his case closed. He stood up, nodding to them, and walked stiffly out of the room. 'What a--' Mr Tulip began, but Mr Pin raised a finger to his lips. He crossed silently to the door and opened it. The lawyer had gone. 'He knows what we're --ing here for,' Mr Tulip whispered hotly. ' 'Because he's a lawyer,' said Mr Pin.

You've got bright watchmen and one of 'em's a werewolf. Anything else? ' 'Oh, yes. Several. And dwarfs. ' 'In a Watch? ' 'We are not running the city,' said a chair. 'But we care about the way it is going,' said another. 'Ah,' said Mr Pin. 'Right. I remember. ' He knew about concerned citizens. Wherever they were, they all spoke the same private language, where 'traditional values' meant 'hang someone'. He did not have a problem with this, broadly speaking, but it never hurt to understand your employer.

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